Our client, a New Zealand Government department, was participating in a multi-agency taskforce, focused on addressing a significant social issue. The taskforce had an initial objective of describing the current process in order to: 

An enduring legacy of the Pike River disaster has been a significantly increased focus for boards and senior managers on improving risk management, particularly when it comes to their people at the front line.  

Our client, a New Zealand Government Department, was aware that their accounts payable performance was inconsistent, involved significant re-work, and took too long, but they had little visibility of the process or where the weaknesses were.  

The role of the Independent Market Operator of Western Australia (IMOWA) is to administer and develop the state’s wholesale electricity market. 

A primary function for IMOWA is the settlement of all transactions.  This involves the calculation of trade values and the collection and distribution of payments.  IMOWA found that increasingly complex settlement calculations and processes were resulting in settlement run times becoming so lengthy that they were at risk of not meeting their obligations around settlement timeframes.  

Our Clients Situation

Our client, a New Zealand Government Department, was responsible for managing several processes involving the provision of information to and from Government, Parliament and the general public.

Our client, Vending Machine Services Ltd (VMSL) was a technology and manufacturing company, operating successfully in New Zealand but looking to expand overseas. In addition, VMSL had clear objectives to acquire a number of large corporate clients to help facilitate their international expansion. Standing in their way was a lack of sales and marketing expertise and VMSL recognised that they needed to focus their limited cash resources in areas where they would receive the best return.

Our client, a large New Zealand electricity and gas lines company, wanted to gain a better understanding of their asset management performance.  

Our client, Vending Machine Services Ltd (VMSL), was operating in several countries and ready for another growth phase. VMSL’s vending capability had advanced and their sales force had expanded globally. VMSL were now challenged with the requirement to reposition their business as more than just technology providers, and to compete in a larger and more complicated selling environment.  

Igniter was approached to refresh the value proposition to reflect VMSL’s growing capability.  

Our client, a medium-sized financial services organisation, needed to make a decision about whether to renew the lease of an under-performing branch. 

The location had been predicted as viable by the organisation’s ‘branch payback model’, however the branch had under-performed since it opened, and had experienced high manager turnover, and a number of other significant issues.  

Our client, a financial services company, planned to create a 'Voice of the Customer' programme designed to monitor their current customer experience and track the future needs and expectations of their customers.

A medium-sized bank was under-performing relative to its direct competitors.  A poor cost/income ratio was impacting its credit rating and providing a sub-optimal return to shareholders.  Following a strategic review by Igniter, it was identified that the out-sourcing of key operational functions was a significant factor impacting the poor cost/income ratio. 

Our client, a nongovernmental organisation (NGO), had experienced significant growth in participation at around 20% p.a.  

The delivery of services, to now more than 4,500 participants, was being hampered by an inability to secure medium/long term funding from Government for business-as-usual and strategic initiatives.  As a result, the NGO's attention was being diverted from delivering services to participants, and its resources - both paid and voluntary - were being significantly stretched.  

As part of an ongoing project looking at human error incidents, our client - Transpower - was striving to increase the awareness of risk in a variety of conditions amongst its field staff.  

Igniter was commissioned to develop a fun and innovative way to engage staff in conversations around safety planning.  

On 13 February 2013, Prime Minister John Key and Minister of Police, Anne Tolley, announced a major initiative to use mobile technology to increase the effectiveness of front-line policing.