As part of an ongoing project looking at human error incidents, our client - Transpower - was striving to increase the awareness of risk in a variety of conditions amongst its field staff.  

Igniter was commissioned to develop a fun and innovative way to engage staff in conversations around safety planning.  


Igniter's approach:  

As a response to Transpower's needs, Igniter developed the 'Bomb Workshop' - an exercise that uses a combination of problem solving and time pressure to increase the awareness of risk amongst participants.

The aim of the Bomb Workshop is for participants to work together to disarm a 'bomb' before the timer runs out.  Observers, made up of a mix of client staff and Igniter experts, take notes throughout the workshop and insights gained during the exercise are used to reinforce specific client objectives.

Transpower is now running Bomb Workshops regularly for staff, and other Igniter clients have run these workshops as team building exercises.

Outcomes for our clients:

The Bomb Workshop has been used to support a range of objectives including:

  • engaging field staff around risk management
  • building stronger teams through increasing empathy
  • reinforcing the importance of planning
  • introducing new organisational initiatives
  • assisting change management
  • team building