Our Clients Situation

Our client, a New Zealand Government Department, was responsible for managing several processes involving the provision of information to and from Government, Parliament and the general public.


The department was aware that the processes were highly variable, not considered a priority, and it was often taking longer than the mandatory timeframe for the Ministry to respond. Complicating the situation was the lack of direct influence our client had over other departments.

They recognised the need to communicate the importance and timeliness of the processes in a simple and effective manner, and find a way to facilitate a change of focus amongst the departments, however was unsure of where to begin. 


Igniter's Approach

Igniter began by interviewing relevant staff members and reviewing existing materials that described and communicated the processes. It became apparent that staff were well aware of what was required, but failed to prioritize their work and be mindful of the specific time requirements associated with each process.

Igniter then designed a one-page overview tool that captured the key time restraints, and the key responsibilities of each person in each process. 

To support the proposed changes Igniter proposed and developed a reporting dashboard to provide visibility on how the process was being performed on a department by department level as well as for the ministry as a whole. 


Outcomes For The Client

Through engagement with Igniter, the client was now able to:

  • Focus communications on the core issue of timeliness resulting in improved performance
  • Measure and communicate performance effectively, providing visibility and indirect motivation for departments to improve their performance.