Our client, a nongovernmental organisation (NGO), had experienced significant growth in participation at around 20% p.a.  

The delivery of services, to now more than 4,500 participants, was being hampered by an inability to secure medium/long term funding from Government for business-as-usual and strategic initiatives.  As a result, the NGO's attention was being diverted from delivering services to participants, and its resources - both paid and voluntary - were being significantly stretched.  


The client engaged Igniter to present a submission to Government that highlighted the contribution and performance of the NGO, and presented a case for long-term funding.  

Igniter's approach: 

Igniter developed, with our client, a framework and approach for the submission which included:

  • analysing the NGO's current and future financial requirements, and benchmarking the funding received from government with that received by other NGOs in New Zealand
  • highlighting the direct benefits provided by the NGO with regard to health, social development, and voluntary activity in New Zealand
  • presenting an overview of the NGO's activities, participation levels, growth rates, strategies and business plans.

Outcomes for our client:  

As a result of the submission, the Government recognised the significant contribution being made by the NGO and committed to providing the medium-term funding our client required.