Our client, a financial services company, planned to create a 'Voice of the Customer' programme designed to monitor their current customer experience and track the future needs and expectations of their customers.


Our client knew it had many potential sources of customer insight, but had little understanding of what information was actually available across the business and how it was being used.  They suspected that most information was not being shared beyond the team that received it, and that some information was not even being looked at.  Until the quality, quantity and flow of customer information was understood, a wider 'Voice of the Customer' programme couldn't be progressed.

Igniter was engaged to:

  • identify the customer insights currently captured in each area of the business
  • understand how these insights were being used to make decisions within the business
  • identify quick wins for improving the understanidng and sharing of exisitng insights
  • build a visual 'case for change' to rally the business to improve insight capture and use.  

Igniter's approach;  

We started by creating a version of our Customer Insights Framework, tailored specifically for our client's business structure and needs.  The framework enabled us to review and compare the different sources of customer information, how it was communicated, and where it flowed across the business.

To populate the framework, we reviewed customer reports and information, and conducted interviews across the business to identify:

  • the available sources of customer insight
  • the process for capturing and sharing this insight
  • who received the information
  • what decisions were made as a result of receiving the information

Following this discovery phase, we created a clear picture of current customer insight availability and its use across the business.  This enabled us to derive potential quick wins and test them with stakeholders.

In reviewing the emerging picture with our client, we were able to identify and test the issues, opportunities and quick wins for improving customer insight. By including representatives from across the business, we were also able to identify opportunities for customer insight to support other projects and strategies.

Outcomes for our client:  

Igniter provided both short and long-term value to our client by:

  • demonstrating the opportunities to convert disparate pieces of customer information into aligned customer insights that could drive better customer-focused decision making
  • presenting a compelling visual and evidence-based case for pursuing the 'Voice of the Customer' programme
  • identifying quick wins that immediately improved the quality of decision making
  • presenting a clear, one page, current-state picture to facilitate easy internal communicaiton
  • building trusted relationships with stakeholders from across the business by creating new links between people and information in different areas, and
  • transferring knowledge to the client throughout the process, and providing them with a framework to continuously measure and improve the flow of customer insight.